Speaker Guidelines

  • WCTO-2020 warmly invite you to submit your abstract to share your experience to the future world by your presence.
  • All speakers are requested to submit original and unpublished abstracts through online (or) by email to contact@cancerscience.jsconferences.com Abstracts must be written in English language and should contain biography of authors.
For Speakers
  • When submitting abstracts, it is mandatory to provide corresponding author and all coauthors affiliations and valid contact details such as emails, phone numbers, fax numbers.
  • If you have any queries on the conference (or) in the process of submitting abstract you can contact us through chat support (or) by email contact@cancerscience.jsconferences.com at any time.
  • After successful valid submission of abstract, respective authors will get an acceptance acknowledgement mail from program coordinating team, than it’s required to confirm registration based on the requirement package through online at Register here
  • As soon as completing the registration, you will receive a payment receipt with all details. Our program coordinating team will be in contact with you and will let you know the conference updates accordingly till the date of the conference.
  • All speakers will be received ID cards, Broachers, Preliminary program, Conference materials prior 20 days of the conference. Then It requires to prepare your oral presentation slides accordingly and send to our team before 10 days of the conference.
  • Preliminary program contains a detailed program schedule of all speakers by mentioning their presentation slot and title. Speakers are requested to be at conference hall prior half and hour of the conference by wearing ID cards. In case of not able to attend the conference due to any kind of reason, some of your colleague or assistant who is the part of the research can present on your topic on behalf of you.
  • There will be a group photo session during tea break or lunch break. We request all speakers to cooperate for the session.
  • In case of any amendments in your presentation, you’re supposed to be informed to program coordinating team by email contact@cancerscience.jsconferences.com
  • In case of cancellation of your presentation, your registration fee will be refunded excluding processing charges.
  • At the end of the conference, all speakers will be honored by mementos, certificates.
  • WCTO-2020 a is a perfect organization for important new ideas, interesting lectures and fruitful discussions, to share your experience.
AV Set up and technical guidelines
  • Basic AV setup, laser pointer, cordless mike, desktop mike, basic sound system will be provided in conference hall.
  • We suggest you to check any audio/video files with our AV team 24 hours prior your presentation. In case of failed to share presentation prior to the conference, you can always upload your presentation (save the presentation on a USB Flash drive) at the lectern during the break preceding your scheduled presentation. The USB Flash drive will be scanned before transferring the presentation to the presentation folder. Our program coordinate will assist you throughout your presentation.
  • We recommend you to use extension as .PPTX, .PPSX if saving from PowerPoint 2007/2008/2010/2011 format or use .PPT or .PPS if saving to an earlier-version format or saving from an earlier version.
  • AVI or MPEG are user friendly file formats for videos or sounds presentations. Arial, Times New Roman, Courier and Symbol are best presented on MACS.
  • Don't squeeze your text into placeholders: Text rendering on PC vs MAC (font substitution) can cause your squeezed text to get cut off by text boxes.